Portrayed by
Ricky Champ
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Episode count
Laura (wife) Graham
Luke (son)

Bernadette (daughter)

Ian (half brother)

Nigel (father in law)

Jill (mother in law)

Paul is a fictional character in the television series 'Him & Her'. He is portrayed by Ricky Champ.


Paul is in his late 20s and gets married to Laura in Series 4. He's a lads' lad - nothing like Steve.

Paul is amoral and easily violent when the mood takes him. He's happy to sleep around, too and does not think very highly of Laura.

Paul works in Rymans. His best friend is called Keith who also works there and was an usher at the wedding.

He has a son called Luke from a previous relationship and a daughter called Bernadette with Laura.

Despite being in a relationship with Laura throughout the series, it is revealed in series 4 that Paul has been having a covert relationship with a 58 year old man named Graham who he met at the gym. It is unclear as to whether Paul is gay or bisexual.

Paul decides to leave Laura for Graham on the morning of the wedding, however his plan is unknowingly ruined by Lee. As a result the wedding goes ahead as planned. Laura discovers Paul's relationship with Graham during the ceremony after reading a conversation on Paul's phone but chooses to marry him anyway. Later that day she gives Paul an ultimatum: if he leaves her for Graham he will never see Bernadette. Consequently Paul ends the relationship with Graham, on the basis that Bernadette needs both her biological parents, also stating that it would never work given that Graham is 58 and too old for him.