Portrayed by
Kerry Howard
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Jill (mother)
Nigel (father)
Becky (sister)

Bernadette (daughter)

Luke (Stepson)

Laura is a fictional character in the television series 'Him & Her'. She is portrayed by Kerry Howard.


Laura is Becky's 21-year-old sister. She adores Becky. She's more fragile and romantic than Becky, and more prone to tears.

Laura is unhappy with her fiancé Paul but enjoys the glamour she thinks he gives her (he can get her into clubs because he knows people, and she finds him funny). Their relationship lacks the honesty of Steve and Becky's. They have one child together, a baby girl named Bernadette (who they were certain was going to be a boy, with Paul even claiming to have seen a penis on the scan).

Laura finds Steve odd and doesn't know why Becky's with him.

Laura is a very self centered, spoiled, and selfish person, who always has to be the centre of attention. As a result she has almost no friends apart from Shelly whom she treats like a dogsbody and who in turn panders to Laura's selfishness (mainly because she is too timid to assert herself around Laura).

According to her father Nigel Laura is very intelligent allegedly getting 5 As, 3 Bs and 1 C in her GCSEs, an A and 2 Bs in her A Levels and being accepted into Loughborough University to study Psychology (she didn't take this place as by this time she had met Paul and decided to pursue a singing career). Whilst this may indeed be true Laura's general knowledge is very superficial. For instance she thought that Winston Churchill was a member of the British National Party (which was formed in 1982, Winston Churchill having died 18 years before), and that Stephen Hawking is disabled due to an accident.

She previously worked as an NHS receptionist with Shelly, but later started working in Boots.